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It’s a bit late to share the feelings. But it’s better late than never isn’t it?

I think most of you knew him. He is Idris Tawfiq, a British Catholic priest who converted to Islam. Now, he travels around the world explaining to people about this beautiful religion. He also a writer and mostly tries to explain Islam to those in the West who are not Muslim in a simple way and easy to understand. If you want to know more about him, just visit his website here.

My friends and I met him last week in a talk at El-Sawy Cultural Wheel, Zamalek. The talk was about “How Islam Changed My Life”. It was a simple talk but really really touched our hearts. The story about how he converted Islam inspires us a lot. I still remember his words:

The first time that I was touched by Islam is when I came to Egypt. I came to Egypt and not knowing about Muslims. I came for a week and that week was the most extraordinary week in my life. Because at the first time I saw ordinary, simple, sweet Muslim. Ordinary man but really religous.

The first Muslim I met in my life was not some important person or syeikh. My introduction to Islam came from a little boy in the street of Ramses. A little boy cleaning shoes in the street. When he saw me approaching, his face lit up with a big smile and he said to me: “Assalamulaykum”. For the rest of the week when I was in Cairo, I passed that little boy and I learned some Egyptian words. So every day I said to him “Izayyak” and he replied to me “Alhamdulillah”. So my introduction to Islam was not came from some scholar talking about Islam but came from a little boy that greeting me with the greeting of Islam, Assalamualaykum.

Can I get your autograph for my sister too?

What I’ve learned that night:

  • I really learned something from that little boy. Surely he had a pure soul. He was just greeting people, but look at the large impact. It’s true that action speaks louder than word. And a simple word is better than words.
  • Spreading Islam and doing dakwah is not difficult as we think. No need to talk much. The method is not only by delivering a talk or speech about Islam. Because Dakwah is not just TELLING people about Islam but SHOWING them the beautiful teachings in it. Qudwah hasanah and good attitudes in us are really important.
  • Everyone can be a dai’e. Everyone can spread Islam and doing dakwah. This task is not just for ulama’, ustaz, ustazah or Muslim scholars but by whoever you are. Just be a good Muslim. And show people of the world that Islam is beautiful.
  • Since I’m in Egypt, I could see that there are a lot of good values in their citizens. Not all Egyptians are wehsyeen or have bad manners. Most of them live in basatoh or simple life. Yet, they practised Islam proudly in their life and ‘izzah with this deen. Need to learn more from them.

Thank you for making us to feel that Islam is so simple and beautiful. And indeed that what Islam is all about.

May Allah bless him and rewards him with Al-Jannah insya Allah. Loves to see him again and hear more of his experiences.

    Thanks to Ustaz Shariff, my arabic teacher for inviting us to this interesting talk. And also to Abah and my sister, Amalina for introducing Idris Tawfiq to me πŸ™‚

    Thank you very much! We're looking forward to seeing you again and hear more of your experiences

    Jazakumullah kheyr jaza' & thank you very much!

    ~Its being long time that I didn’t write in English. Sorry for all the grammatical errors. Never mind if you want to laugh at my primary school style of writing πŸ˜€ Need to improve, work hard and learn more of English writing skills. Thanks for reading. You are free to make comments and criticise as well.